Digital Marketing: Is It Really As Good As It Is Viewed To Be?

Digital marketing might be the preferred way for brands to reach millions of people, but there is no doubt that the field is still in its infancy. There isn’t as much research being done on the subject of digital market to be able to provide immensely concrete analysis’ and results for the claims that are being made. There are several arguments out there about the pros and cons of internet marketing, and not to forget the several ‘statistics’ that people claim that digital marketing showcases. While these might be true, they might not be as applicable and generalized as they might seem.

Brands all over the world are beginning to invest more and more into social media marketing as compared to before, and the global spending on this has increased incredibly since the past few years. While being viral and being on every social media account there is might be the prerogative of a lot of brands and people that want to establish their presence online, but the fact is, that the growing popularity of this medium is leading to an increase in social media traffic, making it much harder to be noticed.

The reason why there is no measurable way to determine the results of social media statistical reports is because of the varying number of factors that may affect the effectiveness and accuracy of these results. Take, for instance, the fashion and retail market. With social media now being used as one of the main tools to be able to sell, it is becoming more and more difficult for others to be able to stand out and get noticed. For some, getting noticed on social media can take years, while for some, it is something that can happen overnight.

There are also certain restrictions that come in the way when conducting accurate statistical research online to track online marketing trends of mArketing companies in InDianapolis. For one, people can state false information online. Things like entering a fake email id or something obscure that they never use in a survey that they are filling is something that is no common, no one ever thinks anything of it. But for statistical data, this can present a number of false data entries, warping its overall results. There are also several legal restrictions that come in the way of actually taking data for market analysis through online mediums, which can make the process of acquiring accurate data a lot harder than one would think. If a mock environment or a study is created, the researchers might not be able to get the most accurate results, which then again brings us to the initial point of online market statistics not being exact measurements or estimates.

Investing In Online Marketing

Things like SEO and Social Media Advertising are considered to be the holy grail of advertising online, and to get noticed, one has to put in a considerable amount of money. These costs can add up over time. For big businesses, social media advertising may be profitable because of the visibility and consumer base they already possess. For marketing tips fOr smaLl business or ones that are just starting out, social media advertising on a large scale can add up. Analyzing your current strength and visibility is always the way to go when trying to ask yourself, do you really need to invest in things like SEO?


Amazon SEO Tactics you need to know

When you think of SEO, your first thought is google, however, there are many other large websites that also have search engines within, and one of the most notable ones is amazon, even though many don’t think it’s an SEO tool. However, amazon is one of the biggest retailers out there, and it has been easy to actually start an amazon business, including becoming an Amazon associate, or even through the Kindle publishing they have.  However, what makes amazon so great in comparison to google, is that unlike google, most who come to amazon are looking to buy, not to research something.  They know what they want and they want to buy.

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Basically, the name of the game with amazon isn’t the click, but the actual sale.  You can see that it’s powerful, however, you need to use the amazon SEO to promote your business, including the Amazon algorithm, which is relatively unknown.  However, this article will help you learn more of it.

Amazon Algorithm

Amazon has a search engine algorithm just like other sites like Facebook and such, but it has a name. It’s called A9, and it was started in 2003 first as a subsidiary of amazon, but now has the responsibility for creating a good user experience by putting products in front of its customers.  A9 works different from google, in that it works to give you the right paces using the on-page and off-page data to build the SERPs

However, with the amazon algorithm, the name of the game isn’t the traffic to sites, but it’s really to find the product that will give the best sales conversion.  It’s the main difference between the two, so you can’t use the same tactics on amazon as you would use with other sales.  However, it’s important to know the major variables, and this article will also go over that.

The first is sales, and these immediate sales, while it might suck to actually hear that sales play a major part, its more of what you get recently and only recently. Because of this, one product can take the place of another f there is a larger amount of sales within a shorter period of time, however, you need to constantly make sales for you to be successful with that, which is why that you see some products making different sales during different times of the year, such as candy going up in October, and cards and other gifts going up during February when it’s valentine’s day.


Reviews are you next determining factor, but it’s not just any reviews, but rather verified reviews.  These are the judgments of the overall rating and it’s one of the biggest variables on an amazon page in terms of rankings.  A review that is verified basically means that someone got the product via amazon, but also used their account to leave a review.  If it’s unverified, it means that a person didn’t buy it, but they left a review anyways, and obviously the verified holds much more importance.  In amazon’s eyes, a verified review is more honest and independent, and has a much better look and indicator on where a customer likes a product or not.  If the search engine continues to put a product high not just in sales but also SERPs, but the customers aren’t leaving reviews, it’ll lower the product rankings, which is why reviews are very important with amazon.


The click through rate is also an indication of a ranking, because if a product does rank high on amazon, but the product below it has a higher click rate, the numerically obvious answer will show that people are looking for the first product instead of the second.  However, along with the CTR, it’ll also factor in the sales as well, so even if a product is lower in clicks, if the sales are higher, it’ll take the highest position. So remember, if you want to have your business succeed, you should be focusing on sales, because not only do sales rankings matter in one specific manner, they also matter in terms of what type of clicking you get from is.

Then there is the page content, and although to this day you need to figure it out for every single page, it’s most important for amazon, because amazon has other factors that many who are into SEO can apply to get a successful CTR, such as the texting, headers, keyword, description, the density, and other parts of it.  However, you should make sure that your page for amazon is structured so it works for amazon more than google.  Google does help, but you’ll get way more conversion through the actual site.

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Finally there are keywords. This is a key part of amazon SEO, because this is what will factor in where your products go.  However, it’s not just any sort of keywords that work.  These are only part of amazon, so they’re not meta tags, nor will they show up on the HTML, which means that other search engine sites won’t show them. However, they do factor in on where a product is placed.  However, for some reason, when you do put our product onto amazon, they will only give you a certain amount of categories to put it in.  However, sometimes you want to put your product in a category that isn’t offered, so you’ll have to look for two relevant categories, taking the name of the category and using that as one of the keywords.  You can then wait a week and then contact amazon to put it in the category.  You need to do this step so that you can make sure that you factor it all into the right market.

Amazon has a strange sense of SEO, and if you feel you already know google well, then don’t sell this sort. Work to master it, learn it, and use it effectively for your own personal success with this site.