I have a passion for dirt track racing and doing whatever is in my power to give the sport the exposure it deserves. CaliforniaOnDirt.com (#COD) is currently based out of Orcutt, California. After making a successful debut in 2011, #COD is returning from it’s hiatus for the 2016 season.  I am the person that goes to a race and has a camera out, GoPro, cell phone, lap top and hot spot. I take pictures, have a GoPro on the edge of a track and on someone’s car and update races throughout the night. Having contributed to many of the top publications in the past, I intend to get to where I was before if not surpass it. I have a lot of dreams and ambitions when it comes to what I do, I won’t stop til I surpass them. Covering and chasing races is my boyfriend and I wouldn’t mind doing him the rest of my life.